Welcome! I am so happy you're here. Truth is, I am just a 25 year-old girl trying to live my best life! I love getting drinks with the girls, trying new restaurants, late night (GF) Pizzas, iced coffee, hot coffee, and moving my body daily. However, these things are a lot more fun when I feel vibrant, confident, and intune with my body through mindfulness rather than coming from a place of defeat and fake smiles.

As a former UNC and professional lacrosse player the mind-body connection has ALWAYS been something I find fascinating. I know how it feels to be consumed by a "yo-yo lifestyle" constantly fighting an uphill battle, counting calories, trying to work them off, and just never feeling healthy! In my first semester of college, I gained at least 35 pounds... I felt so defeated and out-of-control, had no motivation, and for a second I thought I was just going to have to get comfortable with my new body and weight... But I was so depressed, constantly had brain fog, and my body didn't feel like mine. All I wanted to do was sleep and was getting through the day by doing the bare minimum. It was all taking a bigger toll on my life than I realized at the time. I felt stuck and just wanted an immediate fix... and of course, there is no such thing.

One day I decided to dig deep and make my health a priority. I knew deep in my heart that I was not living the life I was made to live. I wasn't who I wanted to be, and if I didn't decide to figure it out.. I would waste my entire life saying "I'll start tomorrow". After a lot of trial and error, I found out that I had celiac disease. Which didn't surprise me but I never got immediatley sick from gluten like a lot of people I know with celiac disease.. If I ate gluten I just felt slow and out of it, unknowingly I assumed it was the "carbs". So, I cut out gluten from my diet and immediatley felt better. I had more energy, was playing better lacrosse, getting better grades, and was able to thrive in the fast paced life of a D1 athlete... A dream I was about to give up on.

I grew more curious about all the other changes I could make in my diet and lifestyle that would improve my overall well-being. So I ate more veggies, made more smoothies, and soon enough I was energized and on top of my s**t...

Then in 2018, one year after graduation and bootstrapping my own activewear company, I started to feel "off ". I wasn't living a healthy lifestyle. I was running off coffee, skittles, and wasn't as careful about eating gluten-free. But I was told entrepenuers have to work 20 hours a day if they really want it (yes and NO) so I sacraficed my well-being. 


Long story short, my mom finally took me to see her primary care doctor who had a functional medicine approach. I told her I felt "off" so she ran some blood work and I was diagnosed with Hypothyroid Hashimoto's thyroiditis, an autoimmune disorder. Luckily, I had an amazing doctor and she encouraged me to focus on  a whole foods gluten-free diet, mix in some key supplements, and get back into a regular exercise regimine. The more I learned about this disease, the more I realized food is medicine. 


This is when I decided to shift my focus to holistic health. A few months later I received by personal training and nutrition certification from The American Council on Exercise and a certificate from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Now I am pursuing my master's in Integrative Nutrition and Functional Medicine ay Maryland Univeristy of Integrative Health.

And that brings us here – to Carly Reed Health.

An online health and wellness program featuring a variety of workout programs, meal plans, wellness guides, and one-on-one consulting. You can join me for daily LIVE workouts, access to video archive, or print a workout packet. The programs are updated monthly and you can journal your progress on your health profile! My mission to give people the resources they need to help them live their best life, and that looks different for everyone.

I know there are a lot of girls out there that feel like I did - defeated and uncomfortable in their own skin! You don't need to settle for less than what you deserve, and you deserve to feel your best every single day. There is truly no better feeling in the world than feeling good in your body and eating foods that nourish your mind, body, and soul! While still having fun margarita nights with the girls!

No two humans have the same exact DNA. So there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to living your best life. Trust me, I've tried almost every diet and fitness plan out there, a temporary fix is a best-case scenario.

With my one-on-one Custom Coaching Program, I will help you navigate your bio-individuality to better understand what exactly your body needs. Usually, this starts with lab work or a plan to navigate what is and isn't serving your body. You will be amazed by the small lifestyle changes YOUR unique body needs to thrive. Allow your body to work smarter, not harder.

I will take a look at every angle of your current lifestyle, physical, emotional, and mental health and create a plan for you that allows you to thrive at this exact point in your life so you can continue to do the things you love while looking and feeling your best. I truly believe most people have no idea how great their body and/or life is supposed to be and feel. Life is too short not to experience it at your absolute best and most confident. TIME TO FEEL ALIVE AND THRIVE!

Interested in personalized  1:1 nutrition and personal training programs?


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