Hey Beautiful Queens! I am working with a number of different brands and companies to create partnerships that will help get my girls exclusive discounts!

I've always believed that if there is a problem or something you don't like in this world. You've got to get up and try to make a change. BUT, I hate going to the orthodontist so much I'd rather just complaining about my teeth shifting and not go... then I came across this Smilelove. I thought I would try it out. HONESTLY, the entire process was so easy and only took about 20 minutes out of my day.  I haven't received my aligners yet but I will let you know more when I do!

If you're looking to fix up your teeth, Smilelove is 100% the way to go... It can be pretty pricey but its a lot cheaper than braces/the orthodontist and you can get

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Affordable Sports Headphones.

I LOVE my Sweat-proof Malektronic

sports head phones.USE CODE: REED20. To get 20% OFF!

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Beam is 100% non-psychoactive. Their organic pharmaceutical-grade CBD oil is of the highest purity - with no binders, excipients, dyes, or unknown substances.

Founded by two professional athletes!

Beam CBD oil has been helping me get a better nights rest and helps reduces my stress/anxiety! 

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