Weekly Round Up


Continuing to develop new healthy habits and learning way around the kitchen!

Getting in more nutrients with breakfast: eggs, avocado, smoothie, oatmeal.

Enjoying rice cakes, banana, carrots, and hummus for snacks.

Dinners are healthy and contain a lean protein, veggies, and rice

Currently: Not feeling deprived. Has more energy. No stress. (GOALS)

Drinking a lot more water than usual.

Exercise has been great. Mixing in extra runs and bike rides, staying very active!

Moving Forward:

This week try to mix in healthy fats like avocado and hummus with every time you're snacking on a rice cake.

You can make rice cake avocado toast! Or just spread on your favorite hummus.

Start to experiment with different spices when cooking.

Basil, oregano, fennel, cumin, chili pepper, sea salt, turmeric, curcumin.

Try some new nut butter like Almond or Cashew.

Think of 1-2 performance based goals you would like to accomplish.

Common Examples:

10 Pull Ups, Push Ups.

Run x amount of miles in

x amount of time.

Height: 5ft 7inchs

Starting Weight: 136

Current Weight: 127.6

Desired Weight: 128


Get into a routine.

Feel more confident and healthier all around.

I would like for this to get a bit more specific.


"Fit more comfortably into my favorite pair of jeans by June 7th."

  1. Keeping a food journal

  2. Cooking meals at home

  3. Drinking water regularly throughout the day as scheduled.

  4. Veggies and Fruit before every meal.

Performance Goals




Progress Photos

Take 4 Photos - Front, Back,  Left Side, Right Side.
Email them to me and I will add them to your page.
We will take progress photos every 4 weeks.