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Programs & Services


For anyone who is trying to take control of their health and live a fuller more passionate life.  Includes a 60-minute assessment and evaluation that is entirely focused on you and your needs. Followed by an email recap of our session, a goal-setting outline, personalized action plan, meal plan, wellness plan, and any other applicable handouts.


If you recently have received bloodwork, that is a huge help. Otherwise, I will recommend labs to get based on your health evaluation.

Together, we will explore every area of your life to see if there are any external factors affecting your health, wellness, cravings, or inability to lose weight, etc.

  • 12 Sessions   $250/Month for 6 Months or a one-time payment of $1400
  • 6 Sessions    $295/Month for 3 Months  or  $760

  • 3 Sessions    $130/Sessions or $370

  • Single Session:    $150 / 60 Minutes

  • First Session:       $60 / 60 Minutes

  • Consultation:       Free / 30 Minutes

  • There is an option to add-on Virtual Personal Training Sessions or A Follow along with workout packet custom-designed for you after a virtual fitness assessment.

  • PS. I do have a special offer for college students, book a consultation to learn more.


Elite Custom Coaching

As an athlete, I have experienced first hand how our nutrition and lifestyle choices affect our performance. 

If you are looking for a new way for your company to thrive and start radiating more vibrant energy and fun energy, you've come to the right place! I offer three levels of coaching, ranging from my most comprehensive elite package to my jump-start program. Each package can be customized to your needs and scheduled at your convenience.


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