Honey, this will help your allergies!

Updated: Jul 15

Every year, like clockwork, my seasonal allergies spike up and I begin to experience the annoying symptoms like sneezing and a sore throat.

If you experience seasonal allergies like me, it’s comforting to know we're not alone- 40-60 million Americans are also affected by seasonal allergies.

Most people think of allergy season as beginning in the spring when pollen from trees and flowering plants peak. When we inhale this pollen, our body can perceive pollen as a foreign invader leading to an inflammatory response, which causes the common allergies symptoms like a runny nose. One of my favorite natural ways to combat seasonal allergies is with local honey and bee pollen!

The idea that local honey and bee pollen can help with allergies is based on the idea that when you eat local honey, you’re able to ingest small amounts of local pollen, which you can’t get from the honey you buy at the grocery store.

Over time you can become less sensitive to the pollen because your body will not react to the pollen as an invader and reduce your allergy symptoms overall.

This can also be achieved through local bee pollen, which contains many antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and is a great source of protein. It has also been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties. I love adding it to my smoothies and mixing it in with my favorite granola! When buying bee pollen try to get a bottle with a variety of colors to make sure the pollen comes from a variety of plants. Local honey and bee pollen are raw, unprocessed, and made close to where you live. Shopping locally local is so important, both environmentally and for your health!

There has been conflicting research on whether or not eating local bee products helps treat seasonal allergies.

I know personally, it works for me and with all the other benefits local honey and bee pollen offers, it doesn’t hurt to try it! Honey is one of my favorite natural sweeteners, and I love supporting local beekeepers! Hit up your local farmers market or reach out to a local beekeeper and get all the bee product goods!

By Grace Griffin



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