Longevity! Why you should stretch the same way you brush your teeth.


And that is what our bodies can do for us every single day!

Do you know why there is a 7th Inning Stretch in Baseball?!.... I don’t know either, there appears to be many theories on the internet. But either way, I’m all about it!

Stretching and mobility are something that we talk about a lot as athletes but not enough in our day to day lives... And I find that we don’t focus on it until we are already in pain/something starts to bother us... Yesterday I got some great advice after I went to the dentist and then a massage therapist. The massage therapist said that I need to start stretching the same way I brush my teeth.

In our society as we get older we stop going outside to play, we stop sitting criss-cross-apple-sauce and start sitting at desks... without stretching, we lose mobility the same way our teeth would decay without brushing our teeth (obviously some people have different genetics and are more cavity prone, aka me... and it’s the same with injury and mobility.) We should always treat ourselves like an athlete training to optimize performance.

SO I’m going to do a #stretchyourcrazypants challenge and I am challenging myself to stretch every morning, afternoon, and before bed for just 3 Minutes (also before and after working out) !!! Join me so we can all be happy healthy little peas together !! #stretchingmycrazypants

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