Simple Tasks to Start The Day Strong by Sophia Reed

Simple Tasks to Start the Day Strong by Sophia Reed

Being told “you woke up on the wrong side of the bed” is never a compliment and gives an excuse for your grumpy behavior that day. Waking up is the first task of the day. I have “wake up” as my first task on my to-do list. It can be so hard to get up when I am exhausted the day before and know I have a long day ahead so completing this task always feels good.

Next on the list is “making my bed.” such a simple task that will set the day right. After reading the book Make Your Bed by William H. McRaven, I was convinced about the positive practice of making your bed every morning. It helps set a foundation that is consistent on good and bad days, another task completed gives a sense of pride and a productivity model for the day, and the room will seem cleaner! So simple and effective.

Whether you are stressed about the day ahead or excited, gearing your mind is important. To start the day by thinking of something I am grateful for is another simple practice to keep myself grounded, positive, and focused on the goals ahead.

The morning routine can make a difference for the whole day. Every day I want to put my best self forward. Some days are most definitely harder than others but knowing I got up out of my bed -even if I had to snooze a few times- and made my bed, help me get off the right way. Just like exercising and doing activation exercises before workouts to help the performance of the workout, these simple tasks will do the same for a typical day.

No more being told “you woke up on the wrong side of the bed” after finding a morning routine that works best for you to help prepare your best self-right when you wake up.

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