Thought for Food: PART 1

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

I'm not one of those people who just "never craves chocolate" or "doesn't like cake". In fact, there is nothing more I love than to indulge in a few hot Krispy Kreme donuts on Sunday morning. Unfortunately, when allow myself to eat one too many sweets, one too many times a week - my body begins to show it.

However, it's easy to preach about "balance" in your diet, but much more difficult to execute. So when it comes to eating well - I try to keep it simple for myself. I have three categories for food: healthy, not healthy and unhealthy. 

1. Healthy: Greens, fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, meat/fish, whole wheat grains, nuts, skim milk, yogurt, olive oil and of course, WATER.

Healthy means good-for-your-body. These foods provide essential vitamins and

minerals that keep you energized. 

NOTE: many argue too much fruit can be bad - but my theory is that fresh fruit will not make you fat.

2. Not Healthy: Cereal, Granola , Breakfast Bars, Cheese & Crackers, popcorn, creamy salad dressing, Burgers etc. (almost anything you would order while eating out falls into this category).

I categorize foods as “not healthy” when they don't have a lot of nutritional value but aren't terrible for you (the good doesn’t out weight the bad). For example, most cereals and granolas are not bad for you, but they aren't adding needed vitamins and minerals - just excess calories. I’ll eat a bowl of cereal when I am in a cereal mood, but I view it as more of a dessert (and that's a lot better than the 8 cookies I used to eat every night). 

** Try to substitute the “unhealthy” with the “not healthy” **

Unhealthy: Candy, cake, cookies, donuts, potato chips, etc.

Unhealthy foods you really should not eat. Of course it is ok to have them every once in awhile - but they aren't good for you. When you eat unhealthy foods you have to make it up with the rest of your diet and exercise. 


1. Pretend you are a HEALTH NUT…Then you have to eat like one.

2. Write down what you eat. There are so many little calories that add up throughout the day… It’s a great way to get started and build healthy eating habits.
 START 100 HEALTHY DAYS Posts to hold yourself accountable! Or you can join my community page and use your profile & the forum to post everyday!

3. Focus on eating things that have some sort of nutritional value. Choose greek yogurt with berries over ice cream.

4. WATER. WATER. WATER…. When it hits 3pm at work you want a snack— drink two glasses of water first then re-evaluate.

5. THE ONE plate, ONE handful, ONE half RULE! Live by it.

ONE HALF — split the burger or the dessert.
(**Also, ditch the bun with the burger)

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