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Julia, 21

“My top three goals upon starting the program were to gain confidence, adapt a healthier lifestyle, and to be happy with what I looked like in the mirror and pictures. Carly was able to help me with these goals by setting up weekly phone calls with me where we would talk for at least an hour every time. She also stayed in touch with me all the time through texts and emails. She was always sending me food ideas and whenever I need her advice she was able to respond very quickly, which was very helpful. She also set up a website for me to access that had workouts, recipes, lifestyle tips and more. The biggest tangible change that I have noticed from the beginning of the program has been that I have lost around nine pounds in 2.5 months. However, my overall confidence has been the biggest change.. I know its cheesy to say but I feel so much more confident in my own skin. I have also gotten so many compliments from people noticing too so I know that there has been a change in my body."

-- julia, Athlete, Age: 21, One-On-One Coaching.

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