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Deconstructing Cravings Challenge

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When it comes to cravings, there are many factors at play! Some are psychological while others are behavioral. No matter the cause of your cravings we are going to explore the many causes. We typically crave foods that are considered unhealthy or known as ‘junk’ food. There are several reasons for this, which we will discuss in detail during our time together. In addition to craving causes, I will discuss types of cravings, how to overcome cravings, and food swaps to help control your cravings when they strike. This is why I’m holding a special private Facebook Group specifically for deconstructing cravings that are accessible to everyone! I will provide immediately implementable tactics as well as long term strategies to help keep you on track. If you’re looking for more information on curbing your cravings in an engaging and supportive environment, then the Deconstructing Cravings Challenge is EXACTLY what you need most. What has been your experience with overcoming cravings?

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