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Mindset Motivation: How to Get What You Want

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

If you want something, you have to go get it. Be a go-getter! Keep it simple.

Here are 3 TIPS to help you own your body & mind!

1. Control what you can control.

Control what you can... You can control what you put into your body, how you are moving your body, and when you are moving your body. This is something I still constantly remind myself and it definitely requires some mindful thinking. However, if you practice this mindset regularly you will start to feel so much better about the process. It is hard to look at other people's lifestyle habits and not get discouraged. I used to get discouraged because I felt like I had to work three times harder than other people to get similar results and that is something I've learned to embrace. Take on the challenge if you want to change. Remember that everyone has a different path... If two people are doing the same exact workout and have the same exact diet, they will still have different results! Focus on what you want and then figure out how YOU will get there. Never compare yourself to others. Don't waist your energy and focus on other people when you could be using that energy and focus to be the best version of yourself!

2. Don't get mad, get even.

If you miss a workout or eat a pint of ice cream..... that's okay and perfectly normal. We all lose our focus sometimes. Don't get mad at yourself. It is way too exhausting having to think about everything you're eating ALL THE TIME -- just be happy in the moment. I used to overthink every meal and was a total yo-yo (fluctuating all the time). Don't get mad at yourself, get even... Increase your water intake, increase the intensity & length of your workouts, eat a lot of greens! Life is too short to count calories. But it is also too short to not love the way you look. So, never feel bad for yourself and take accountability for your actions. OWN YOUR BODY & MIND!

Be patient, persistent, and make yourself see the positive in every situation.

3. Document your meals & workouts!

I'm sure you've heard the saying "it's not a diet, its a lifestyle". THIS is SO TRUE, but it is HARD! Getting started, one of the hardest parts is holding yourself accountable. If you focus on consistency, you will build habits and routines that make living a healthy lifestyle feel natural. So, to help hold myself accountable I started a "100 healthy days" Instagram page where I would post every meal I ate and all of my workouts. If it wasn't something that I would post on my Instagram page, I wouldn't eat it... And I had to post one workout a day. It was extremely helpful and helped push me in the right direction (at the time I was 155 lbs after 100 days I was down to 135). Even though the people who followed the page didn't really care what I was eating everyday... it was a fun way for me to jump start a happier, healthier life. I got to track my progress and bring my friends with me on a journey I didn't want to go on alone. I knew it was easy for me to give up on myself but if people were watching me, I felt the need to stay on top of it and prove I could do it (but I am also very competitive). Feel free to use the membership page to document your meals and workouts, I will follow along to help you achieve your goals!

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