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My Favorite Sneakers For Every Occasion.

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

You may or may not know that I am am obsessed with shoes, specifically sneakers.

I love Statement Shoes... and I am a BIG sneaker girl. My closet is overflowing with workout sneakers, lifestyle sneakers, designer sneakers. I just love them because I enjoy being comfortable and I would much rather spend money on shoes than a nice bag or jacket that everyone else has (~until I'm making I've got that stupid money~).

Cute shoes allow me to keep my closet fairly simple, jeans and solid color top with a statement shoe is my GO TO. If I want, I can wear the same thing everyday with a new pair of shoes and it feels like a completely different outfit... I also do not like to wear heels often (because they hurt and I always end up bare foot on gross sidewalks) so a cute pair of sneaker/sneaker wedges is a purchase I am often willing to make.

First up, Fitness.

A very popular question -- what is the best running shoe? What do you recommend for workout shoes?

Shoes can make a huge difference on your workout experience and depending on your foot/arch some may be better than others. Here are some of my favorites.

By the way none of these are paid/sponsored.

Cloudflyer (women's)


Great shoes for everyday wear, training, and running.

They have a lot of different options and shoes vary depending on the type of training you are going to do in them. I obviously haven't tried them all, so I recommend getting on their website and browsing around for a bit.

My current favorites (for both functionality and style) are:

  • The Cloudswift - I buy men's shoes a lot. They are great for my type of workouts -- Circuit training, running, and lifting.

  • The Cloudflyer: Women's SUPER COMFORTABLE.


I was in desperate need of new running shoes one day after ruining mine running through mud and the only sort of cool looking ones were HOKA, so I got them and I like them a lot. I don't recommend them for lifting and training -- most of their soles are designed for running long distances (thick, cushioned and round) and when you're lifting weights or doing body weight exercises you want to have a flat solid sole.


I like to have a go-to pair of shoes in my closet that I can bring anywhere and wear with jeans, leggings, and get in a workout without hurting my body. This is especially important when traveling because it can save you a lot of room in your suit case!

1. ADIDAS Nite Jogger: I am obsessed with these right now. I had my eye on them for a while but they were kind of pricey ($140) -- then I found them on sale for $70 so I got them and then I didn't take them off until they (kind of) fell apart. They just make you feel soooo sporty spice cute!! I would wear them to the gym in the morning, out to lunch/brunch, and out at night with with jeans and cute tee/tank. I really wore them to just do everything, all the time. They just came out with a ton of new color combos and I am definitely going to get a few more pair... I want to buy all of them!

Puma is making a comeback right now and I am into it (Rickie Fowler makes it cool).

They currently have a few of my favorite for everyday/work out shoes.

I Recommened: The RS-X Softcase Sneakers: I just bought these and I am obsessed. They are made of their 1980's "running system technology" but I wouldn't recommend them specifically as a running/workout shoe. They are more of a lifestyle shoe that will comfortably get your through a workout when needed.


I came across J-Slides on Instagram and felt like I found my soulmate. They have the cutest, stylish designer sneakers that won't break the bank. They also are constantly coming out with new styles, that fit the season perfectly. Their boots are also AMAZING.

I love the sporty-chic vibe of the Burberry sneakers. I also love that I don't seem them on people too often (vs. Golden Goose that everyone has -- exactly why I had to get the leggings to add the brand to my closet). They are pretty loud but it is a clean look and I have so much fun styling them.

These are badass chic and what I love about them is that they make a statements and have a clean style that is fun to mix and match with. I am also obsessed with skull and cross bone. When I was in elementary school my sister got me a skull cross bone headband and said it was so me, at the time I didn't really understand. Now I get it. LOVE YOU SIS!

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