The #1 thing that helped me shed off my “freshman 35"

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

A reoccurring question that I‘ve been hesitant to answer: how to lose weight while training for sports..... The #1 thing that helped me shed off my “freshman 35” was changing “i need to lose weight” to “I need to perform my best...every chance I get”. • 1. Eating turns to fueling. THINK: “does this food have any nutritional value that is going to help my body perform.” Then try to stay with the most nutritious things you can find. I defend eating Ice cream because it has calcium 🙃. 2. HUSTLE 110% ALL OF THE TIME!!! Practice is time to get after it. Every rep, go 110% even if it is just shooting around... Pick up the balls? SURE ILL RACE YOU!!! The ball goes way out of bounds and a mile down the road? I GOT IT!!!! The harder you practice, the better shape you will be 3. Drink water at practice 80% of the time & Gatorade 20% or the time 4. Try to write down what you eat throughout the day - I didn’t even realize what I was putting into my body everyday until I did this. I DO NOT recommend cutting calories unless you eat like shit - you will be tired and you will be SLOW. 5. LIFT, FOCUS, & TRY TO GET STRONGER. Fun fact: I used to go hide in the bathroom during lift to skip reps because I didn’t want to “get bulky”. And all I did was get chunky.... Once I started taking lift seriously,listening, and focusing on technique I saw a huge transformation(especially in my belly) and became my healthiest happiest self!

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