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Grapefruit essential oil has many benefits, including weight loss.

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

The rise of the health and wellness industry has lead to a lot of fad diets, fitness programs, and “cure-all” products. It feels like there is something new every day, making it hard to decide what is real and what is not.

Being a holistic health practitioner, I believe that the best way to consistently live a healthy lifestyle, i.e. lose weight and keep it off is by taking a holistic approach (i.e. approaching health and fitness by focusing on every aspect of one’s life as a whole being… addressing the root causes of a problem rather than just treating the problem and getting temporary results.) I believe this because there is no magic pill or diet that is going to change your life. However, there are holistic practices that may help you in the smallest of ways, but when combined with other practices can make a big difference. And keep you motivated!

Aromatherapy or essential oil therapy is something I initially marked off as BS. Then, about four years ago, I was given a diffuser. Which I now can’t live without. I initially only used my diffuser at night with Lavender and Tea Tree Essential Oils in college to help me get to sleep when I was stressed about school/sports. It by no means knocked me to sleep, but it did help spark a nighttime routine and helped me feel relaxed… the way you do when you enter a spa. It helps trigger my ~relaxation mode~ which can be a hard place for me to get some days.

Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils are another one of those increasingly popular practices that have actually been around since ancient times - Cultures around the world, specifically in India, China, Egypt, incorporated aromatic plant components in balms, and oils. However, in recent years Aromatherapy has gained more recognition in the field of western science and medicine. Being promoted as ways to enhances both physical and emotional health.

There are a number of different essential oils and each one has its own specific benefits. However, there is one particular oil that caught my interest recently and I decided to do some digging on. The findings are pretty neat!


It is made by cold pressing peels of the grapefruit to extract the oil.

  1. Benefits: Overview

  2. Reduces Cravings

  3. Relieve stress

  4. Help weight loss

  5. Ease Hangover

  6. Improve Skin Health

  7. Boost Circulation

  8. Aids in Digestion

  9. Boost energy, mood, and focus

  10. Improve your hair health

  11. Fight bacteria and food born illnesses

A majority of the findings are based on studies involving rats/rodents. Personally, I am not going to just sit around smelling and rubbing grapefruit oil… But why not put some in my diffuser while I’m just sitting on my computer working? Or rub it on my belly when I get out of the shower? There is nothing to lose.

1. One study found that Rats exposed to the scent of grapefruit oil for 15 minutes, 3 times per week experience reductions in appetite, food intake, and body weight. (1)

2. The scent of Grapefruit essential oils increases activity in the gastric vagus nerve in rodents, resulting in lower appetite — Gastric vagus nerve plays an important role in stimulating the production of the stomach fluids that are needed for digestion. Limonene, a large component of grapefruit essential oil, had similar results in appetite suppression and food intake. (1)

3. May promote weight loss:

  • One rat study found the simply just the smell of grapefruit essential oils was able to breakdown fat tissue.

  • A test-tube study in fat cells of rats found that Grapefruit oil applied directly to the cells inhibited the formation of fatty tissues.

  • Topically applied Grapefruit oil had been observed to promote weight loss in people!! A study of postmenopausal women evaluated the use of abdominal oil massages on weight loss. Participants massaged oils on their stomach twice a day for 5 days every day and received full body aromatherapy massages using 3% Grapefruit, Cyprus, and 3 other oils once a week. At the end of the 6-week study, results showed a decrease in abdominal fat and a reduction in weight circumference in the group using Grapefruit Oils. (2)

4. Natural energizer! May help balance your mood, reduce stress, and enhance focus.

A study in complementary health journal showed that citrus oil may help with mood instability and mood problems. They believe this is due to the Limonene in the oil. Has been Observed to help lower the dose of anti-represents needed in patients.

5. Antimicrobial

  • Can fight strong bacterial strains that are responsible for food-borne illnesses such as e-Coli and salmonella.

  • Grapefruit oil is also used to kill skin in internal bacteria in fungus, fight mold growth, kill parasites in animal feed, and disinfect water.

A lab study published in the Journal of alternative and complementary medicine found that when grapefruit seed extract was tested against 67 distinct biotypes, both gram-positive and gram-negative organisms, it showed antibacterial properties against all of them.


Grapefruit oil is a Gallbladder and Liver stimulate — It can help headaches, cravings, and sluggishness caused by drinking alcohol. It works to detox the body by stimulating urination and flushing out the toxins. As well as stop cravings due to hormonal and blood sugar level changes from alcohol.

7. REDUCE SUGAR CRAVINGS — Has been found to help reduce sugar addiction.

8. Boost circulation and reduces inflammation.

9. Natural remedy for period cramps, headaches, bloating, fatigue, and muscle pains. Due to the blood vessel dilating effects of grapefruit. The Limonene present in Grapefruit helps reduce inflammation and regulate the body cytokine production — its natural immune response.

10. Aids in Digestion — helps the gallbladder…which stores bile… which helps break down fat.

Helps detox, positive effect on digestion, Shed fluid retention, helps fight microbes in the intestines, gut, and other digestive organs.

A scientific review published in the journal of Nutrition and Metabolism found that drinking Grapefruit juice helps to promote metabolic detoxification pathways.

Topical Benefits: Anti-aging properties, useful for keeping skin strong against indoor and outdoor air pollution, can even help get rid of cellulite! Helps cleanse hair and scalp, good for greasy hair.

How to use it:

  • Diffuse - I love this Diffuser/Salt Lamp Combo!

  • Use it Topically

  • Use it to clean your home

  • When Internally: make sure it is used labeled for internal purposes — add to smoothie water, juice.

Warnings: Can react with antidepressant and blood pressure drugs. Avoid direct sunlight right after exposure. Pregnant women — stay away. Get High-Quality Oil!

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